Paying for Events

Some HRGB Events may be paid for online via PayPal. Such events include International Symposiums, National Residential Ringing Week and National Rallies.  Links to the payment screen will be provided where available.

HRGB Regional and National Events


HRGB Members Host many events throughout the year. The events are registered with the National Secretary

Where appropriate you can download the booking forms for our events in either Acrobat or Microsoft Word formats. If you download the word document why not fill it in on your PC and email to the organiser.

Regional Bell Orchestras and Ensembles

In recent years Bell Orchestras and Ensembles have been formed accross the country. Dates of these rehearsals can be found on HRGB Regions

Organising an Event

If you are planning to organise an event for other handbell ringers please visit our guidance section


National Rallies 

Year  Location Region      Location  Region 
1966 Hazel Grove (pre-HRGB)   1997 Birmingham WM
1967 Ashton-under-Lyne NW 1998 Lowestoft EA
1968 Ecclesfield NE 1999 Liverpool NW
1969 Worcester WM 2000 Plymouth (Cancelled) SW
1970 Leicester EM 2001 Nottingham EM
1971 Lancaster NW 2002 Guildford SE
1972 Cambridge EA 2003 York NE
1973 Birmingham WM 2004 Glasgow SC
1974 Preston NW 2005 Manchester NAT
1975 Bristol SW 2006 Aberystwyth WM
1976 Leicester EM 2007 Hatfield EA
1977 Wembley SE 2008 Chester NW
1978 Wolverhampton WM 2009 Cirencester SW
1979 Manchester NW 2010 Leicester EM
1980 Bristol SW 2011 Holloway SE
1981 Sheffield NE 2012 York NE
1982 Corby EM 2013 Renfrew SC
1983 Guildford SW 2014 Newport, Shropshire WM
1984 Wolverhampton WM 2015 Wymondham, Norfolk EA
1985 Chester NW 2016 Newton Rigg, Penrith NW
1986 Cirencester SW 2017 Exeter SW
1987 Corby EM 2018 Newport, Shropshire WM
1988 Tonbridge SE 2019    
1989 Sheffield NE 2020    
1990 Wolverhampton WM 2021    
1991 Brentwood EA 2022    
1992 Lancaster NW 2023    
1993 Exeter SW 2024    
1994 Corby EM 2025    
1995 Reading SE 2026    
1996  York NE 2027