School Teams and Junior Ringers

Handbells for Schools and Junior Ringers

Handbell ringing is especially suitable for Schools, Youth groups and young people generally. The ability to read music is not necessary and results can be achieved very rapidly - usually a recognisable tune can be played with half an hour.

Handbell ringing is often included in school curricula in Japan where they value the way in which ringing develops team work, grace and a sense of timing and rhythm. HRGB members will sometimes be able to assist schools and other voluntary youth groups who would like either to try handbell ringing or to develop a new team.

HRGB encourages the introduction of young people to handbell ringing by offering:

  • Innominate membership for school and other youth groups at advantageous rates.
  • Junior membership for young people who are part of otherwise adult groups
  • The Crescendo scheme for monitoring and encouraging progress
  • Young Vibrations, part of the Society's journal
  • The loan of handbells, chimes and Belleplates to schools