Registered Charity Nos 298945 (England) and SC038918 (Scotland)


The following guidelines are designed to give advice on taking photographs and video image of young people at events organised by HRGB and their use for promotional and / or publicity purposes.

Whilst no specific legislation exists to cover the use of photographs and video material, images of children and adults are classed as personal data under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.  Fear of breaching the provisions of the Act, however should not stop people taking photographs or videos at HRGB events which provide many with much pleasure.

The following guidance should, therefore, be adopted wherever possible –

  • Parents / Carers of young people, under the age of 16, should be made aware that photographs will be taken
  • Those intending to take photographic or video images must register their intent with the event organisers
  • If you invite a press photographer, or are considering sending images to the press, you are responsible for making sure that participants at your event know –
    • that photographs will be taken
    • that they will be published in external media publications
    • that permission has been granted by the organisers
  • It is recommended, therefore, that the following notice is included in any publicity material created for an event and is displayed on the day –
    • Any member of HRGB or professional organisation wishing to take photographic or video images of this event should seek permission from the organisers (at reception) and will be expected to provide evidence of their membership of HRGB, relationship to an HRGB member or professional organisation.
    • You are asked to note that photographs of this event may be published in Regional Newsletters, the Society Journal “Reverberations”, HRGB websites and other local media publications as appropriate.

Should objections be raised to the taking of photographs of a particular group or individual, the images will not be used under any circumstances.