If you are a regional officer organising a national event and you are asked to sign a contract on behalf of HRGB} you should do the following:-

  1. Ensure there is agreement from the NEC that the event can take place and that the funds are available.
  2. Make sure that the contract is in the name of HRGB (not your local region), states clearly the agreement that you have reached with the other organisation, particularly dates, numbers of participants, numbers of rooms, access times and arrangements for setting-up and break down, costs and charges and dates when payments are due, (and any other financial agreements such as penalties), cancellation terms (especially dates) and associated costs (penalties), insurance obligations, facilities, logistical support if any (for concerts, equipment etc).
  3. If you would like another view about the contract before you sign it, please forward it to the National Chair, Secretary or Treasurer, or the Secretary of HRGB Promotions (Roger Lazenby) or another experienced member who has organised similar events to yours (for example, John Atkinson).
  4. If you are happy and confident that the contract is in order and that you have a good understanding of it, please sign it. When signing ensure that you indicate that you are signing on behalf of HRGB.
  5. If you would like a national officer to sign it, please contact them to ask, and then send it to them with clear information about deadlines and return address.

Tim Willetts 26/08/2016