If you decide to look for, or are considering buying a set of second-hand bells, there are a few things to consider first. What size of set you want may depend to some extent on how many ringers you have. But remember, if you hope to get more ringers you will need more bells - which must be matched in with those you are buying. Occasionally advertisements appear in Reverberations (the HRGB Journal), the HRGBwebsite , the  Ringing World or the Church Times, offering sets of bells for sale.

It pays to ask around locally before buying - sets have been unearthed in Church cellars, museums, under beds and even in coal-holes! You may find that you are able to borrow a particular set but not buy them.

If possible, before you take the plunge and buy a second-hand set, it would be a good idea to get someone to give an expert opinion, particularly if you are not musical yourself and do not know much about bells.

Occasionally sets of bells or odd bells appear in antique shops or auctions - and frequently on E-Bay and other internet auction sites. If you are thinking about bidding for these, do make sure that you find out their history as several sets of stolen bells have appeared in the past