What are they?

HRGB/WHMF operates two Award schemes to encourage development of handbell ringing knowledge and skills. The Crescendo scheme is intended for younger ringers and is ideal for school teams and other junior groups, as well as young ringers participating in otherwise adult teams. All assessment is by the team's own leader.

The Arpeggio scheme was designed to allow self-study by adult ringers into aspects and at a pace that suit the individual ringer. Assessment in the early stages is by the team leader but HRGB appoint an independent assessor for the later stages.

The following tables compares the main features of the two schemes. Further details can be downloaded by clicking Crescendo or Arpeggio .

Comparison of Award Schemes

Crescendo Scheme

Arpeggio Scheme

Who is it for?

New, young ringers - although existing ringers are very welcome to join in too.

Adult ringers, leaders or those already holding the full range of Crescendo awards.

Do I have to be a member of HRGB?
No. We hope that you will want to be in due course, but it's not necessary at the start. Not for Stage 1, but you will probably need to be for Stage 2 to get access to information and people within HRGB. You must be a fully paid up member for Stage 3.
How does it work?

You will get a pack containing a card showing 70 different aspects of handbell ringing. Work through them at your own pace, in any order.

The scheme is in three Stages, each with a practical ringing element and a demonstration of your increasing knowledge. The scheme workbook lists a number of topics for you to choose from.

Who checks to see if I've achieved each one?

Your team leader. There are notes included for him or her, describing the standards required.

For Stage 1, your team leader. For Stage 2 your team leader also signs off practical ringing skills, but your research into other topics will be discussed with an independent person. In Stage 3 both aspects are independently assessed.

What do I get?

You get recognition all the way through. There are 4 badges and certificates to be won - for 10, 20, 40 and 60 targets achieved.

A Certificate and badge is awarded at each stage. If you pass all the hurdles in Stage 3 and your article is selected for publication in Reverberations, you will be awarded a 'Distinction'
How do I get the badges and certificates?

Your pack will include 4 postcards. Just fill one in and get your leader to sign it

Your pack will include postcards to fill one in and for your leader/assessor to sign.

I've been ringing for several years - would I have to start at the 10 target level?
No. If you're an experienced ringer, some of the 'easy' stages won't be appropriate. Go through it with your Team Leader.

Are leaders and conductors excluded from the scheme?

No, definitely not - it just makes things a bit more difficult! Discuss it with your Regional Committee and adapt the scheme as necessary
How much does the Scheme cost?

Just £5.00, plus 50p postage and packing. This includes all the badges and certificates as you gain them!

The pack costs £10 - and that includes the cost of each of the three certificates and lapel badges as you work through the scheme. We will send you a pack and we will advise your Regional Secretary that you have embarked upon the Scheme
How do I start?
Send your Name, Address, Team Name and Team Leader's Name with a cheque for £5.50 (payable to WHMF) to:

Send your Name, Address, Team Name and Team Leader's Name with a cheque for £10.00 (payable to WHMF) to:

John Willis,
HRGB National Sales,
' Lyndhurst ',
EX10 1JD.
Do I have to do anything else?

I already hold the WHMF Achievement Award - do I have to start all over again?

Well, it's probably a good idea to tell your team leader in advance - after all, he or she will have to check things off as you go. Also, if there are several junior ringers in your team, your leader might want to be involved in planning everyone's progress together. No, this automatically qualifies you to start at Stage 3 - send a copy of your Award when purchasing Arpeggio and you will only be charged £5 - unless you would like the Stage 1 and 2 badges, in which case the full £10 is payable.

Is it very difficult to achieve Stage 3?


Yes! We expect people who achieve Stage 3 to participate actively in handbell ringing in the UK . A register of people with Stage 3 will be kept as a resource for HRGB to draw from.

Note that Arpeggio itself does not provide the information you require it is simply a 'map' for you to follow but the workbook does contain some hints as to where you can go to obtain the information you need.