We all ring handbells for enjoyment but HRGB believes that a good handbell ringer is more than just someone who can play tunes on handbells. We can use the parallel of driving a car.

Not only does a good driver control the vehicle but they also have regard for other road users. They are aware of – and obey – road signs and even know a little about the workings of their car. Road rules are all about convention; everyone understands that there is a ‘best practice’ and to become a good driver, knowledge of all these areas has to be displayed.

The Arpeggio Scheme has been created as a guide to the areas in which a ringer might want to broaden their knowledge – but Arpeggio itself will not provide the information needed. Information is available from a wealth of sources – public libraries, the Internet, the pages of Reverberations, HRGB Archives, bell founders and other suppliers or just by talking to other ringers, leaders, conductors and composers at rallies and other events.

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